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Jamal Eugene Lawson

Jamal Eugene Lawson is a videographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He specializes in filming concerts, sports, and conventions/conferences.


Born and raised in Chicago, he experienced and explored the DIY (do-it-yourself) music scene in the city since the age of 15. The DIY music community in Chicago is driven by creating spaces for people from all walks of life and encouraging them to share their art. He has seen the appreciation of local artists in the community without having to be famous. Driven by his experiences in the Chicago DIY music community, he decided to start his filming career in 2017 by combining his passion for the arts with his formal education skills to continue the spirit of championing the local artist.

Jamal Eugene Lawson is an alumni of Salem State University (Salem, MA) with a Master of Education in Higher Education in Student Affairs (2017). He also received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (2015) at Aurora University (Aurora, IL).

Videographer & Photographer

Based in Las Vegas

Notable Clients

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